Day Well Spent

Hey guys, it’s Jess!

Today is Fathers day, and it just happens to be my husbands first! Our little guy Thomas will be five months old in about a week, so we figured we’d set the bar in the middle-ish this year. We started the morning off with some Thomas & Daddy snuggles, and gave him a card with a little key chain that said, “Worlds Greatest Dad”. I wrote “Thomas ♥ First Fathers Day” on the back. Finished the day with some kind of hash brown-bacon-cheese mess topped off with some green onions and hot sauce. Wasn’t too bad for a thrown together supper!

Today is Sunday! My mom was off work today so I took Thomas over for a day of mom-free time. I’m slowly starting to get him out of the house and kept by my mom, to sort of break up the separation. Not only for his sake, but my own as well. Distance and a little self-care time I’ve learned, is important to keeping yourself, and your kids healthy! I’m not saying it was easy! Twice I walked into his room, forgetting that he wasn’t home. Every hour to two hours I was texting my mother for updates. Naturally he’s fine, but you know…he may have drooled without me knowing or some such.

I took advantage of the alone time and got some serious chores done. I love doing house work, and with Thomas out for the afternoon I got done in three hours what would have taken three days. I managed a full bathroom scrub, ALL laundry (yes you read that right) even the diapers got washed today! Have I mentioned how much I love Gain Powder detergent for cloth diapers? Smells so good. Cleans so well. On top of that, I managed to get half of the living room painted. This has been a task over three months long, and now that it’s finally starting to get finished I feel so good about it.

Never paint an entire place brown. Please. Unless you plan to die in whatever home you’ve decided to paint completely brown, don’t do it. A little brown is ok! Complete floor to ceiling brown from one side of a 875 square foot trailer to the other? Over kill. Do that market of home buyers a favor. Don’t paint it brown.

All in all, today was the opposite if impossible. I struggled with the separation from my son for the afternoon, but once I got his cute little self back home, and his Daddy too, it was pretty perfect. Today, today was possible.

  • Jess

Enjoying the Little Things

Hey guys, Jess here!

Is it just me, or has today felt exceptionally long? Maybe it was the weather, it poured rain and was dark all day. Maybe it was the baby being particularly fussy at bed time, causing the day to feel a million years longer. Who knows? Either way, I’m glad it’s almost time for Mommy to go to bed.

Today was Saturday – and Saturday means two things! Thing one? I take my husband to work for 8 a.m, meaning we have to be on the road for 7 a.m! Thing two? I take my mother grocery shopping. I leave Thomas with my aunt, who lives with my mom, and we go grocery shopping. You know I’m beat after all that.

I have come to really appreciate Saturdays; I love grocery shopping.  When I first had Thomas, I couldn’t wrap my head around how I was supposed to get groceries by myself with a new born. How do people do that?! Well, let me tell you I figured that shit out real quick; because I love grocery shopping.

As we enter the five month mark for Thomas, I finally feel like I’m getting the hang of the whole “Mom” role. I’m learning how to do the things I’ve always enjoyed again, like shopping and even laundry. I cloth diaper, y’all know I need to enjoy washing clothes to some extent am I right? You know I’m right. I’m re-learning how to be myself again, and a mom all at the same time. Slight adjustments, maybe a little more patience to get things done, but I’m learning.

I’m finally starting to feel like myself again, and I’m learning to appreciate the little things in the process. I’m learning to slow down, to stress less about the dishes from lunch, and the realization that we’re out of milk. I’m learning to ignore trivial things, and enjoy his itty bitty years. Lets face it, it’s flying by.

Although today felt like an impossible day and I’m exhausted, it’s over and it feels entirely possible. I know we’re all tired, but take a second, take a deep breath and enjoy the little things.

  • Jess

Going Forward…I think?

Hey guys, Jess here!

Time to start getting shit done. Wait, what? Yes. You heard me; Get. Shit. Done. I need a hobby, a “this can’t just stay in your head forever” space. There’s only so much room in my head, and it’s starting to get a little cramped in there.

Really, like who at 11:30 at night, lays in bed thinking about Ikea furniture, and how it’s rather over priced when you are LITERALLY doing three quarters the work? Or the stereo typical, “Do snakes get hiccups?” Don’t even get me started on the whole “McFish” debacle, then you really will question my sanity.

I’m a mom, I need  to retain some of my sanity people.

My hope is that with this blog, I can take the impossible challenges of my every day and turn them into a creative outlet and a safe space to come, and let go. A place where I can come back to and know that it is in fact, possible.

Gotta have hope people. Gotta have hope.

So stay tuned, hold onto your head gear and lets get shit done.

  • Jess