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Date Nights and Sleepovers

Hey guys, Jess here!

Yesterday was Canada Day, and being from Canada Matt (more me than Matt, he grew up in the U.K) and I decided that we needed to participate this year! The capital city is about twenty minutes from where we live. Actually, Matt works in the city and prior to moving out ward we lived downtown for about a year. We’re pretty familiar with the city and the goings on when it comes to major events.

This year, due to Canada being 150 years a nation they held a huge free concert where Deadmau5 was the headliner. I know nothing of the EDM scene, but Matt is rather fond of it, and had never attended a concert before! You know we had to go. I love concerts, and Matt was really excited to see one of his favorite artist live. My mom, who doesn’t work weekends was more than thrilled to have a sleepover at our house, and take care of Thomas while Matt and I went on our first night out since having him. We were both pretty nervous!

Really worth it though. It was nice to get away from being “Mom and Dad” and get back to being “Jess and Matt” for a second. Although, five minutes in and we were both ready to be home watching a movie and doing soother seek and finds. Still, it was an amazing show, and we had a great time. We also did a little exploring, seeing how when we moved into the city I was 3 months pregnant, and Matt was hard on the job hunt so we didn’t get a lot of time to do anything. Then the snow came, then Thomas came… you see where I’m going with this. We did get a quick peek at the city clock, deemed “Nelson” after the convention go-ers decided to make him a city mascot.

Anyone figure out where we live yet? I swear Matt smiles, you guys have seen it! It was a really steep hill, with a lot of stairs and I complained pretty much the whole way up. I hate stairs. By the time we got here, he was pretty well done with me and my nonsense.

On top of a great concert, I also went a little over board and made one of our favorite snacks!


Oh yes. Home made chips. I’m really not into deep frying things, but once in a while ya’ll know you just have to have some greasy grub. Going to the concert just seemed like a good time to bust out the grease, because we were going to work it all off anyway! They’re a bit of work, between slicing, soaking them in water, and then hovering over a fryer while they cook. You also get to practice self control when they come out of the pot and you pretend they didn’t so you can just stand there and snack away while the next batch is cooking. We made some yummy Sriracha dipping sauce to go with them! A little mayo (we use Miracle Whip brand) and Sriracha to taste. I like it spicy so I added…well I added a healthy amount. Either way, so tasty and perfect for a night out with just the two of us!

We’re 100% beat today, and I had a nap this afternoon when Thomas went for his but I am still excited to see my bed tonight.

Hope you guys had a great weekend, and did something you enjoy!

Stay possible

  • Jess

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