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So little time

Hey guys, Jess here!

Big news! With a little back story to go with it.

Matt and I aren’t technically married for starters. We’re Common Law in the eyes of the government, but our last names are different and I’m not a “Mrs” . All that being discussed, I did something a little crazy!

I asked Matt to marry me.

He said yes of course! We had discussed it at length since we found out Thomas was on the way, and I am an impatient woman; so I asked him.

The quote is one of my favorite Doctor Who quotes reading “Together Forever Through Time and Space”. We are really excited and already tired of people asking, “When’s the big day?!” and “Where will you have it?!” .  Hasn’t even been a week yet guys, let’s just let it sink in yeah?

To top it off, he bought me the domain for the blog! is now official! Right now it’s still linked here, until Matt and I have a day that we can sit down together and build the domain proper. Keep an eye out!

Stay possible guys!

  • Jess

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