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Slowly but surely

Hey guys, Jess here!

Two things! One, I almost burnt another dozen cookies. I didn’t! But oh boy it was a close one. Two, royal icing takes literally hours to dry on cookies. I started with flooding (when you outline the cookie with icing, let it sit for about five minutes, then fill it in and spread out the icing) at about 2 o’clock. I checked at 6 o’clock and they were firm, but still cracking.

Now I’m not sure if I just used too much icing when I flooded them, or if its just the nature of the beast. Who knows. Either way they’re half done!

This is after they had been flooded and were just hanging out. My outlines are so crooked, it’s awesome. I decided that I was going to simple and just do a white base and blue embellishments.

My husband was home from work and got super excited, and decided that he wanted to help. He looked like a kid at Christmas, and who am I to spoil his fun?

See, now how could you turn him down with all that excitement? Silly Matt.

With the addition of the blue icing I learned yet another fun tid-bit! With royal icing, a little more runny makes good for flooding, but when adding details you’re going to want it a little more stiff. Our decorating became sort of blob like as we were going. Still we had lots of fun decorating them, and I had fun teasing Matt about his oh-so fancy skills.

I’ll post recipes in the Recipe page tomorrow, but for tonight guys I am just ready for bed!

Stay possible!

  • Jess

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