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Sometimes You Win…

Hey guys, Jess here!

Today – Today I learned a valuable thing about my oven. My oven doesn’t like me. At all.

We replaced the element in the bottom of the silly thing when we moved into this house, because it was burnt out. I’m not used to baking with such a hot element, all of the ovens I have used previous had their own issues and I’m acclimated to using dysfunctional ovens. What did I ruin you ask? Good question.

I’ve decided I want to try my hand at cookie decorating. One of my favorite YouTube personalities Rosanna Pansino (link to her channel down below – not an affiliate) has amazing sugar cookie decorating skills. I decided I was going to make sugar cookies, and spend tomorrow decorating them with royal icing to see how I would fair.


Don’t mind my grungy looking sheet pans, they came over on the May Flower. This is what happened. I’m blaming my oven, mainly because it’s not fair to blame the baby. He started fussing on his floor mat (you know the ones, they have all those dangle bits for them to swat and play with?) so I skipped the five feet to scoop him up. Within the 2 minutes I was preoccupied with the little faker (he was fine, just wanted to make sure I wasn’t gone anywhere with out him) they burnt. Like you see above.

Luckily! This was only half the dough. I still have another dozen cookies in the fridge that need to be rolled and baked off. My plan is tomorrow, during nap time, I’ll get them baked off before he gets up. Timed right, I should have at least an hour to get them done. Really that’s a reasonable amount of time seeing how sugar cookies only take 8-10 minutes in the oven.

Tomorrow after they’re all cooled and decorated I’ll be posting lots of pictures, and the recipes that I used for said cookies! Until then, bask in the knowledge that I burnt a dozen cookies, so you didn’t have to.

Stay possible!

  • Jess

Link to Rosanna Pansino’s cooking show Nerdy Nummies on Youtube :

Again – no affiliation


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