Stories Unfold

Hey guys, Jess here!

It’s been about two hours since we put Thomas to bed, and I hate to jinx it but I think he’s down for the count. Last night, he did wake up screaming again about an hour into his bedtime. A twenty minute snuggle and relax and he went back to bed and had a pretty decent night. According to the other moms I chat with sometimes, he’s having nightmares as he enters the next stage in the sleep cycle? I guess it’s pretty common in littles, and means that he’s going through a large shift in his development. Great! I just hope he’s going to get through it soon because I’m losing more sleep than he is.

I’ve been a pretty crappy house wife this week. I’ve recently started re reading one of my favorite erotic novels (don’t judge me, everyone has something) and finished one of three in just under four days. Pretty safe to say the dishes haven’t been done, laundry goes unfolded and nap time is spent with my nose stuck in a book. I’m terrible when it comes to reading. Once I start a book that I’m really into, that’s it. It is all consuming.

Now before you get all excited, Thomas is well tended to and loved. But the second he is occupied in his own rights, and I have five minutes? My nose is in that book. I was really into the Percy Jackson series there for a hot minute, but it’s only in e-book form and I really prefer to have an actual, tangible copy in my hands. I love the way books smell, the way they bend in your hands. Oh, oh the way they look, all nice and neat stacked on a shelf like little geek trophies. E-books while convenient, just don’t hold my attention like a physical copy.

Let me know, are there any books you are really into right now? Do you agree that physical books are better than E-Books, or do you prefer it to be electronic? Let me know in the comments!

Keep it possible!

  • Jess

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