Long Night = Long Day

Hey guys, Jess here!

Long, long night. I’m not sure if it’s just an age thing, or if something is actually off yet with the baby. My word, every night around the same time he wakes up screaming bloody murder. I mean like, inconsolable screaming! The weirdest part is, he’s asleep. I shit you not Thomas is 100% asleep and just giving it the gusto. We wake him up, console him the best we can and start the list.

The list is something I got into the habit of when he was a newborn. I was completely at a loss when he cried as a newborn so I started this running list in my head to keep my cool when he cried. The List is as follows!

  1. Hungry
  2. Diaper change
  3. Gas
  4. Temperature

Every time Thomas cries, I go through this list to ensure his absolute basic needs are met before I start trouble shooting for other things. For me, for my sanity I use this basic list.

Three days in a row about an hour into his bed time he’s waking up like this, and I mentally go through this list. After about half an hour, he goes back to bed with a few extra ounces of milk, tonight he had some Gripe Water (alcohol free) and back to bed.

The next step, is to over think everything he’s had today, food and bottle wise. We’ve just started giving him solids on a regular basis, but we’ve kept it pretty limited in case of any allergies. The only other thing that has changed? His bottles. He’s been using the flow size #2 bottle for about two months, so I thought I’d try him on the #3 flow just to see how he did. I’m thinking that may be the problem.

I guess the next step is to make the full switch back to the #2 flow bottles and see if that does the trick! Should that not address the issue, I’ll have to make a call to our family Doctor and see if he has any suggestions. We’ve done well in his short five months to only call upon a doctor twice. Once for Thrush (which led to me dropping a bottle of meds on the floor and going back for a refill – so clumsy) and one call that ended with me hanging up on his secretary because she’s a twat (sorry, but she really is sometimes).

Should anyone out there have any suggestions, or hints please, please let me know in the comments!

Stay possible,

  • Jess

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